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The field laboratory is responsible for carrying out the sampling and evaluation of existing pavements. It has a civil engineer and seven technicians dedicated exclusively to field work. This laboratory has specialized equipment available for sampling, a truck with a capacity of 2 tons, pick-ups, a mobile laboratory and high performance equipments: Falling Weight Deflectometer (The Dynatest 8000 FWD); Road Surface Profiler (The Dynatest 5051 Mark III and MarkIV); GripTester device (MASTRAD MK2 D-type); Dipstick (2200 Model, FACE Construction Technologies); Dynamic Cone Penetration – DCP (VERTEK); Light Weight Deflectometer for un-bound materials in pavement (The Dynatest 3031 LWD); Geo3D for collecting high-resolution images of the surface (Geo-3D, Inc.).

Within the work done is the implementation of on-site surveys of all pavement layers, determination of CBR in place, nuclear densimetry, density determination of granular layers (sand cone), coring asphalt and concrete mixing, sampling of asphalt, asphalt emulsion and asphalt on site or asphalt mixing plant, measurement of pavement macro-texture (sand patches or by an inertial profiler), measurement of surface friction of a pavement (GripTester), measurement of surface deflections of pavement (Falling Weight Deflectometer) and determining the roughness index (IRI) by Road Surface Profiler.




The Field Laboratory performs evaluation of the National Road Network every two years and has experience in assessing with the Falling Weight Deflectometer and the Road Surface Profiler over 5300 km of road network. Furthermore, with the friction equipment GripTester has been evaluated more than 2300 km. Additionally, we have experience in assessing municipal networks and new road projects or rehabilitation

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