"The roles of APT in pavement sustainability: Engineering, environmental, and economics"


The International Conference on Accelerated Pavement Testing – APT Costa Rica 2016 – will include thirteen themes to be presented by renown speakers, as well as papers by 76 presenters selected by the Conference Scientific Committee from over a hundred proposals.

APT Main Themes

  1. General APT

  2. Asphalt Concrete APT

  3. Portland Cement Concrete APT

  4. APT Review and Cost Benefit Analysis

  5. APT in Airports

  6. Functional Performance APT

  7. Linking APT to Lab Results

  8. Sustainable Material APT

  9. Establishing APT Facilities

  10. APT with an ME Focus

  11. APT Facility Review

  12. Data Analysis and ME Calibration

  13. APT Instrumentation


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