Louw du Plessis

Is Manager of the Accelerated Pavement Testing program (APT) at the Built Environment Division of CSIR in South Africa, where he conducts pavement performance evaluations and APT-related research. He has over 25 years of experience conducting research with the Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) in South Africa and worldwide. He is a member of the international committee on Full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing (AFD 40) of The Transportation Research Board (TRB), USA, co-chair of a sub-committee on Accelerated Pavement Testing at TRB and is member of the executive committee of the International HVS Alliance (HVSIA).

He is currently serving and has served on numerous technical committees at international conferences. He has published more than 85 conference papers, project reports and journal articles, and regularly acts as a technical reviewer for international conferences and journals. Louw is a registered professional engineer and has completed 4 degrees: a BSc Degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Honors and Masters Degrees in Transportation engineering and is currently working on his Doctoral degree in Philosophy.

Louw has been involved in the development and refinement of the ultra thin concrete technology at the CSIR since 2006 and is currently busy developing the first structural design guideline of Ultra Thin Reinforced Concrete (UTCRP) for South Africa.