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The DAWG is an international forum for the discussion of methods of analysis of pavement performance data. Presentations at DAWG-sponsored forums address the technical interests of professionals engaged in highway research and engineering design, maintenance, and rehabilitation who are engaged in collecting, processing, and analyzing such data and developing insights into the behavior of pavements. Presentations offered by forum attendees (by prior arrangement) focus on work-in-progress concerning the development of techniques for extracting and analyzing data, and early results of recent applications of these techniques. Topics such as model building, sensitivity analysis, and development of transfer functions linking structural response to distress are especially popular and welcome.

A DAWG-sponsored forum has a minimum of formality to encourage open discussion among attendees and minimize the time between the presenters' preparation and dissemination of analytical results. The agenda is prepared in advance, based on responses to a call for abstracts. Abstracts are reviewed solely for conformity with DAWG guidelines, and as many as time permits are placed on the agenda. Presentations are not subjected to prior technical review. Copies of presentation materials are not distributed. Presentations are not published. Comments by forum attendees are not recorded.

DAWG-sponsored forums are held twice each year: immediately preceding the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington DC in January, and approximately at the midyear at another location. The midyear meeting is usually held in conjunction with a major highway pavement conference where it is expected that many attendees will also be interested in participating in a DAWG forum. If requested by the organizers, the DAWG will arrange and conduct a formal paper session conforming to all the policies and procedures of the conference.

As a TRB committee, the DAWG has appointed members who serve as a steering committee to guide the planning of future meetings. However, DAWG forums are open to everyone interested in the subjects to be discussed, and all attendees enjoy equal status. There is no registration requirement or fee required to attend meetings, but advance notice of the intent to attend a particular forum is recommended and appreciated.

Inquiries are welcome from those interested in adding their names to the DAWG's mailing list, and those wishing to submit abstracts of presentations for consideration for presentation at a particular forum. Inquiries and abstracts should be directed to A. Robert Raab, PhD, Senior Program Officer, Transportation Research Board,


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